The admission fee includes everything a game developer needs: belly-filling food (breakfast + lunch + dinner + food you can cook on an open fire), comfy accommodation, free beer and, of course, an open bar during the party!

We encourage you to get to know each other, relax and most of all – have some fun! Playing the guitar? Great, don’t forget to take it with you! Keen on volleyball? Awesome – gather other people and take part in a tournament! Board games? Why not?! Everything’s possible during gameDev Evening!

Every year our event is visited by around 300 developers from the biggest and the smallest studios from Poland, including: CD Projekt Red, The Astronauts, Techland, Artifex Mundi, CI Games, Flying Wild Hog, People Can Fly, The Farm 51, 11 Bit Studios, and many, many more. We also had many guests from abroad – it’s definitely not an event only for Polish devs!

It’s not a conference, everyone can freely speak their mind in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere! During last events, we discussed various game development aspects, for example:

  • Ludonarrative Dissonance – does anyone besides game developers cares about it?
  • Where do good game ideas come from?
  • Where and how to publish your games?
  • Striking and effective graphics how to „fool” the player, and make your game pretty.


gameDev Evening is a non-profit, ticket-only, professional game developers gathering, organized by devs themselves. Each year, we host around 300 developers from around the world.

Our event focuses on integrating the game makers community by providing the chance to freely discuss the hottest topics of our industry, conveniently exchange our knowledge or have a drink in a homely, familiar atmosphere.

our sponsors

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What Our participants Say

gameDev Evening is the most fantabulistic true industry experience ever born on Polish soil. You better recognize!
The brutal truths and precious dev tips you can sometimes get on deeply private dev forums is a regular day at gameDev Evening. There also may or may not be alcohol.
An event unlike any other. Serious gamedev discussions, feasting, drinking, dancing, playing volleyball, singing – all that in the company of amazing people from the best industry ever.
gameDev Evening is the best industry event in Poland that proves the local game developers’ community is stronger than anywhere. No one in the whole world does parties like this. Like seriously.
It’s like a party with cool friends that happen to work in the industry. Exchanging knowledge, pitching projects, getting to know new folks and general „doing businessy stuff” – it just happens in this environment. Every game conference wants to be gameDev Evening.


If you have any questions about our event or would like to help us make gameDev Evening even more spectacular, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at: